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Here you can find all of my reskins and 3D Models. All of my future projects will be published here

CFR Calatori EA 013 V.20


This is my first 2021 reskin for the Train Motion EA 692. It requires EA 361 too.

Astra TransCarpatic EA 316


This is a reskin for the Train Motion EA 692 made by my good friend, Alexandru Viorel Domide.

CFR Marfa EA 176 Reskin v2.0

This is my latest and greatest reskin for the Train Motion EA 692. The usual high quality textures combined with everything I learned in the last year come together to bring this reskin to life. It also has a new circuit breaker sound and comes with an interesting scenario for the Bucharest - Ploiesti West route. REQUIRES THE TRAIN MOTION EA 692


CFR Calatori EA 361 v2 Reskin

This is probably the most advanced  reskin ever created for the Train Motion EA 692. It came to life with the help of Cosmin Robo, who replaced many of the old and bad parts of the 3D model with new and imporved variants. As always, the texturing was done by me and, although I did not have very good photos to work with, I did my best. ,REQUIRES THE TRAIN MOTION EA 692


CFR Calatori EA 131 Reskin V2.0

After EA 361, it was time to try something a bit different. So I decided that my next reskin will be EA 131,  because I wanted to create a reskin in the new "Express" CFR color scheme. After a month of work it was ready to go... REQUIRES THE TRAIN MOTION EA 692


CFR Marfa EA 052 Reskin V2.0

This was my first CFR Marfa Reskin. V2.0 removes the front emblem. REQUIRES THE TRAIN MOTION EA 692


CFR Calatori 20-54 009-7 IVA Passenger Coach

This is my first reskin for the Train-Sim Romania IVA Passenger Coaches


CFR Calatori EA 888 Reskin

This is a simpler reskin, made mostly so we can have a 200kph Romanian locomotive. It's nothing exceptional but I did spend a bit of time on it, particularly on the horns

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